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STARFIELD, founded in 2019, is a food technology company with independent R&D and a self-built production base. We focus on the R&D and production of plant-based, healthy foods. As a pioneering brand of plant-protein food in China, STARFIELD is backed by a range of intellectual property rights in extraction, isolation, texture, and flavor. With over 300 plant-based protein foods, we provide an all-in-one solution encompassing dish SOP, packaging design, logistics supply, marketing, and more. STARFIELD advocates a diverse, balanced, and sustainable lifestyle. We strive to explore food solutions that are both healthy and delicious with cutting-edge food technology, offering products that are healthy, tasty, and sustainable. To date, STARFIELD has partnered with over 100 renowned dining and retail brands in China, including KFC, Dicos, Luckin Coffee, Sam’s Club, and FamilyMart. Our offerings have been available in over 40,000 stores across China.
  • Delivering healthy, delicious, and sustainable products with cutting-edge food technology.
    To become the world’s largest plant-based food supplier.
    Customer values: Service (Customer First), Innovation, Safety, and Professionalism
    Team values: Quick Response, Objective and Fair Approach, Pragmatism/Commitment, Resilience, and Empathy
    Individual values: Passion for Life
    Our LOGOs
    At STARFIELD, we aim to deliver healthy, delicious, sustainable food utilizing cutting-edge technology. Our logo features six visual elements, with the iconic “0” making it easily scalable while still maintaining a strong visual identity. The symmetrical icon implies balance that we seek, whether it is from the products we provide to enlighten your everyday life or our contribution to the ecosystem.

    The star-like pattern represents “Heaven” from Eastern literature. In ancient China, the term “Heaven” referred not to the sky but to the universe nurturing everything. The surrounding light black signifies the countless unknowns in the dark universe, which echoes STARFIELD’s continuous quest for new inspirations in the field of plant-based food. Jumping out of the box, we explore plant-based diets and keep on innovating to reach new heights.

    From a human perspective, the sky is the first step towards the infinite universe. The triangular peak reaches for the sky, symbolizing our aspiration, fearlessness, and endless curiosity. It also embodies STARFIELD’s commitment to protecting this beautiful planet and building a sustainable future with all those who share our ideals.

    The circle represents a complete soul; it conveys vigor and wields the power to heal the mind. STARFIELD aims to guide people towards a more balanced and fulfilling lifestyle. More importantly, we encourage you to listen to your inner voice and find the best way to coexist with yourself and the environment with a relaxed, vigorous lifestyle.

    Contrary to Heaven, in ancient literature, this pattern represents Earth, encompassing notions like resources, soil, and rocks. All human activities begin on Earth, the roots we must always safeguard.

    In ancient Chinese texts, the concept of water is next only to nature. Blue water embodies calmness and eternity. Its gentle touch gives rise to powerful momentum. Water signifies that STARFIELD will always maintain its gentle yet powerful brand values. We will navigate the ebb and flow and meet challenges with composure, setting sail with new hopes.

    In early Western literature, the square symbolizes habitat. This symbol showcases our vision for building a utopia. We look forward to building a spiritual habitat defined by STARFIELD’s values, a healthy, orderly, and inspiring territory that protects every beautiful soul that loves life.

    An R&D Leader

    Out of the nearly 40 patented technologies co-developed by STARFIELD and partners, 80% are related to plant-based food, and 20% pertain to equipment. We offer over 300 plant-based protein foods. Our R&D team engages in targeted, integrated innovations to meet personalized demands.

    Global research partnerships

    We have built partnerships with top universities in food science and engineering in China and beyond. Our research partnerships focus on fields including food fermentation and biotechnology, enhancement of food flavor and texture of plant-based meat, and clean labeling.
    •At STARFIELD, we work extensively with prestigious Chinese universities to study the stability and flavor of natural pigments, molecular sensory technologies, and fat oxidation in plant-based meat. Our joint efforts have generated seven patents, and our findings have been applied to the development of our products.
    •We are also working with Wageningen University & Research to research sensory evaluation and clean labeling for plant-based meat. This joint research focuses on the development of an in vitro sensory assessment system, analysis and improvement of juiciness and flavor release, and texture improvement.

    We have set up four plant-based protein laboratories and one data center

    to conduct extensive research on molecular sensory technologies, human nutrition, protein restructuring, new ingredients, and alternative proteins. STARFIELD leads the industry in terms of product range, natural ingredients, sensory evaluation, systematic data collection, and overall R&D of plant-based protein foods.
  • Molecular Sensory Lab

    The lab focuses on raw materials for plant-based protein, qualitative and quantitative flavor descriptions at the molecular level, and accurate analysis of flavor changes from raw material to finished product during thermal reactions. We aim to improve the flavor of our products through finetuning in food processing and storage.
  • Human Nutrition Laboratory

    The lab studies the nutritional value of plant-based protein foods through quantitative monitoring and improvement of nutrient loss throughout their lifecycle from balanced nutrition design to production, storage, and transportation, as well as their digestion and absorption rate in the human body. This holistic approach aims to meet genuine nutritional needs with well-designed products.
  • New Ingredients and Food Engineering Laboratory

    The lab engages in basic research on essential food ingredients, focusing on R&D efforts such as the development of new technologies and products. It has established a virtuous cycle where basic research, product development, and market lease are mutually reinforcing.
  • Protein Restructuring Laboratory

    Aiming to simulate the fibrous structure of animal meat, the lab investigates the secondary, tertiary, and quaternary structure of plant-based proteins using targeted extrusion, varied plant-based protein combinations, and precise temperature and pressure control. It also studies protein fiber tenderization technologies (the “knitting” method) and biochemical enzyme crosslinking to simulate large meat structures.
  • Alternative Protein Data Center

    The center utilizes advanced texture analysis to quantify characteristics like hardness, elasticity, and succulence of various protein raw materials and protein products. Building upon the statistics so acquired, it builds texture correlation models between raw materials and products with the help of AI and big data. This establishes an algorithmic data center that simulates the texture characteristics of protein products based on raw ingredient data without the need for actual production, thereby enabling more efficient product R&D.
  • STARFIELD’s plant-based technology We continue to drive market breakthroughs with technological progress.
  • Textured proteins processed from soy, peas, or other plant sources are used to simulate the flavor, appearance, and texture of animal meat with the addition of flavorings, colorings, and binders.
  • Molecular sensory technology

    We offer foods free of artificial flavorings (other than those added to customized products). At STARFIELD, we employ natural molecular techniques to create the flavors of animal meat, delivering healthy and delicious plant-based food. Additionally, natural plant extracts are used to mimic the color of animal meat.
  • Targeted oxidation of plant fatty acids

    STARFIELD’s targeted oxidation of plant fatty acids innovatively employs plant-based oils to simulate the flavors of animal fats. Our plant-based protein meat releases different flavors at varying cooking temperatures, providing the smell of animal fat and rich flavors.
  • Whole meat shaping

    At STARFIELD, techniques such as wet extrusion and whole meat molding are employed to restructure plant-based proteins through the intermittent knitting method and advanced enzymatic cross-linking. This helps us simulate the flavors and muscle fibers of animal meat. Over the next 12 to 18 months, we will continue to improve the texture and flavor of our offerings and launch new whole meat series.
  • End-to-End Supply Assurance

    STARFIELD Xiaogan Production Base

    BRCGS-A certified, our self-built factory maintains exceptional quality control and long-term competitive advantages.
    *BRCGS (Brand, Reputation, Compliance, Global Standard): This internationally recognized food safety and quality standard provides certification for all aspects of product production, such as raw material procurement, process management, packaging, transportation, and storage.
    •As an integrated R&D and manufacturing facility, the base covers nearly 20,000 square meters, almost the size of three FIFA World Cup final stadiums. It includes a 1,200-square-meter cold storage with a capacity of 4,000 cubic meters and an ambient warehouse of over 3,000 square meters with a capacity of 10,000 cubic meters.
    •Our current product line covers more than 300 plant-based foods spanning 10 categories (frozen steamed/fried soy protein products, non-frozen steamed/fried soy protein products, puffed soy products, textured protein, vegan meat, solid seasonings, semi-solid seasonings, raw frozen prepared dishes, cooked frozen prepared dishes, and refrigerated prepared foods) under four segments (soy products, seasonings, frozen food, and refrigerated prepared food).

    Comprehensive Service Support

  • Product SOP

    All product SOPs are offered to our partners free of charge. Our R&D and application team for plant-based products responds to specific needs through targeted integration and innovation.
  • Creative marketing support

    You are most welcome to co-create your marketing plans with STARFIELD. Our professional creative team, including planners, designers, and photographers, delivers well-designed marketing proposals to help you stand out with each marketing campaign.
  • Our Honors
  • China Entrepreneur

    21 Future Stars - Emerging 100

  • KPMG China

    Consumer Brands 50 (Third Edition)

  • Economic Weekly & Shijie

    2023 Business Power - ESG Green Growth Enterprise

  • Zero2IPO & PEdaily

    2023 Venture50 New Consumption Award

  • Miaozhen Academy of Marketing Science

    2023 BrandGrow Top 100 New Promising Brands

  • China Social Enterprise and Impact Investing Forum (CSEIF)

    2023 For Good Awards - Top 10 Entrepreneurs for Good Social Influence (Kiki)

  • vcearth & 2023 International Future Agri-food Top 100 Summit (IFA2023)

    Elite Female Entrepreneur TOP5 (Kiki)

  • Foodaily

    2023 iSEE Taste Award - Two Stars (STARFIELD Plant-Based Beef With Black Pepper)

  • 2022
  • Deloitte China & Shenzhen General Chamber of Commerce

    2022 Deloitte-Shenzhen Rising Star

  • EqualOcean Intelligence

    2022 New Chinese Brand CoolTop100

  • vcearth & IFA2022

    Future Agrifood Top 100

  • Miaozhen Academy of Marketing Science

    2022 BrandGrow Top 100 New Promising Brands

  • Fortune

    2022 Fortune 40 Under 40 China (Kiki)

  • Fortune

    2022 Fortune China Most Powerful Women (MPW) (Future List) (Kiki)


    2022 CYZONE Most Notable Female Entrepreneurs (Kiki)

  • 36Kr

    36 Under 36 of 2022 (Kiki)

  • EqualOcean

    2022 EqualOcean Top 20 Young Female Founders in China (Kiki)

  • FFC 2022 China Functional Foods Conference

    Product Innovation Award (STARFIELD Master Pastrami Plant-Based Beef Slices)

  • 2021
  • National Business Daily

    2021 Most Investable Company in the Food and Beverage Industry - Innovation List

  • Huxiu

    Huxiu 2021 Top 10 Most Investable New Brands

  • Zero2IPO Group & PEdaily

    2021 Venture50 New Consumption Award

  • Forbes

    2021 Forbes Top 20 Potential Business-Women (Kiki)

  • 2020

    CYZONE 2020 China Innovation Growth Companies Top 100

  • TMTPost & Consumer Research Institute

    2020 EDGE AWARDS - Annual Consumer Goods Innovation Award (STARFIELD Plant-Based Stinky Tofu)

  • Zero2IPO Group & PEdaily

    2020 Venture50 New Seed List

  • 2019
  • vcearth

    2019 Future Agri-food Top 100 - Promising Enterprises

  • Our Milestones
  • March
    STARFIELD showcased three product lines - plant-based protein foods, plant-based toppings, and plant-based drinks - at the 32nd Shanghai International Hospitality Equipment & Food Service Expo (HOTELEX Shanghai). This was the first domestic exhibition featuring STARFIELD’s new full product line.
  • March
    STARFIELD made its first international appearance at Foodex Japan 2024 in Tokyo, showcasing its plant-based protein foods, plant-based toppings, and plant-based drinks.
  • January
    STARFIELD partnered with Dicos to celebrate the New Year with the launch of the Kumquat Longan Hand-Gun Leg Beef Burger.
  • 2023
  • October
    STARFIELD partnered with Walmart’s Sam’s Club (China) to launch the Pocket Salad Bar and Italian Combo Sandwich in Sam’s Club stores across China.
  • September
    STARFIELD worked with FamilyMart, a long-standing partner, for the FamilyMart Plant Healing Season, introducing multiple plant-based protein products in FamilyMart stores in South China and East China.
  • July
    STARFIELD joined hands with Dicos to release an upgraded Sesame Spicy Hand-Gun Leg Beef Burger; we also worked with Luckin Coffee to launch the Creamy Ham Sandwich and Egg-flavor Beef Sandwich, selling 126,000 sandwiches in the first week.
  • May
    As a supporter for the 2023 Shenzhen National Nutrition Week, STARFIELD produced a nutrition science video that promotes “healthy eating habits and diet therapy,” which was the theme of the event, jointly with the Shenzhen Nutrition Society, Shenzhen Nutrition and Health Guidance Committee, and Shenzhen Media Group. This collaboration helped promote nutrition and health knowledge and encourage the development of healthy eating habits among the population.
  • April
    On Earth Day, STARFIELD relaunched the Kindness to the Earth campaign, aiming to offset the carbon footprint of its products throughout their lifecycle through tree planting.
  • March
    STARFIELD partnered with Walmart’s Sam’s Club (China) to launch the Thick Egg Plant-Based Tuna Sandwich, which featured female-friendly lima bean extract and L-arabinose, offering dual carbon-blocking benefits.
  • March
    On Arbor Day, STARFIELD and FamilyMart jointly initiated the City Romantic Planting project, which designated FamilyMart’s Xiangyang North Road store as the theme store for the event. We also partnered with nine community brands on Xiangyang North Road in Shanghai. Customers who purchased STARFIELD Plant-Based Chicken Bar received a Romantic Supply Pack. The pack included plant felt and clay materials for romantic DIY, allowing people to fill in damaged public areas with plant elements. The campaign, which brought romantic planting to the city, earned widespread praise.
  • 2022
  • November
    STARFIELD teamed up with Metro Chef, a self-run brand under Metro, to launch two exclusive products - STARFIELD Plant-Based Beef With Black Pepper and STARFIELD Plant-Based Wood Smoked Sliced Ham - in Metro stores across China.
  • August
    STARFIELD’s Hubei Xiaogan factory commenced production activities.
  • May
    STARFIELD launched STARFIELD Master Pastrami Plant-Based Beef Slices, its first carbon footprint labeled product available in convenience stores and supermarkets across the country.
  • May
    STARFIELD and the Shenzhen Nutrition Society jointly released a public educational video titled Shenzhen National Nutrition Week: How to Read Labels and Choose Healthy Foods, which focused on Cooking, Selecting Food, and Reading Labels.
  • April
    On Earth Day, STARFIELD launched the Kindness to the Earth campaign; we collaborated with Xinhua Net, the Institute of Environment and Sustainable Development in Agriculture (CAAS), and the Beijing University of Agriculture to co-release the 2022 China Plant-Based Meat Carbon Reduction Insight Report, China’s first report on the topic.
  • March
    STARFIELD introduced six new flavors of STARFIELD Protein Bar.
  • March
    For the first time, STARFIELD partnered with KFC breakfast to launch two new plant-based dishes across China: Crispy Rice Roll with Youtiao and Plant-Based Meat and Crispy Rice Roll with Salted Golden Egg Yolk and Plant-Based Meat.
  • 2021
  • December
    STARFIELD held a product launch to introduce STARFIELD Master Black Pepper Plant-Based Beef, the groundbreaking product of the year.
  • October
    STARFIELD commenced the construction of its first production base and self-built factory in Xiaogan, Hubei.
  • September
    STARFIELD and FamilyMart co-launched the STARFIELD Thinkers campaign, introducing STARFIELD’s plant-based meat series in FamilyMart stores across China. We also set up themed stores for STARFIELD Thinkers in Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, and Shanghai.
  • September
    STARFIELD launched a new protein bar with four flavors: Youjin Tofu, Chaoshan Brine, Serene Veggie, and Multigrain Delight, available in our flagship e-commerce stores and FamilyMart stores across China.
  • July
    STARFIELD and Luckin Coffee jointly introduced our first plant-based set meal, including two new products: the Egg-flavor Plant-Based Ham Sandwich and Lime Plant-Based Ham Bagel, and announced SNH48’s Sun Rui as our health product ambassador.
  • June
    STARFIELD released its first plant-based meat consumer product, STARFIELD Plant-based Bloom Bun, available on Tmall,, Youzan, Ole stores across China, and Hema stores in Shanghai.
  • April
    STARFIELD participated in Working Mom, China’s first TV show focusing on working mothers, to highlight women’s important roles and influence in business through public channels. We continued to expand women’s boundaries in the workplace and empower women in the business sector by offering more opportunities.
  • March
    STARFIELD and Bloomberg Businessweek co-release the 2021 China Plant-Based Meat Industry Whitepaper; we also became the first startup to join the Women’s Alliance Group.
  • 2020
  • December
    STARFIELD partnered with FamilyMart to launch a series of plant-based protein foods, some of which were introduced in FamilyMart stores across East China.
  • October
    STARFIELD and Dicos jointly launch a full range of plant-based products, including Plant-Based Green Fairy Chicken Burger and King Oyster Mushroom Nuggets in 2,600 stores across China. In particular, over 100,000 Plant-Based Green Fairy Chicken Burgers were sold within five days of launch.
  • September
    STARFIELD and Tim Hortons, an emerging coffee brand, co-introduced the Meatless Farmer’s Wrap, available in 90 Tim Hortons stores in Shanghai, and jointly launched the City Smile Green Cycling campaign.
  • May
    STARFIELD and Heytea jointly launched Future Meat Cheeseburger and Future Meat Curry Rice Dumpling.
  • February
    STARFIELD initiated the Restaurant Alliance Program for Coping with Covid-19.
  • January
    STARFIELD introduced the Future Dock SC-42 in Galaxy COCO Park, Futian, Shenzhen. The facility showcased a wide range of new diets by merging five future urban elements: see, hear, eat, touch, and play. The participating merchants used STARFIELD Plant-Based Meat 2.0, which is 100% plant-extracted, with no flavorings. It is low in fat and delicious, winning the recognition of visitors.
  • 2019
  • September
    STARFIELD was officially established in Shenzhen.
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