In 2021, STARFIELD launched the 1% for Loving Food Program, a long-term public service initiative. STARFIELD donates no less than 1% of the retail sales of its plant-based protein products and transactions with selected partners to the China Social Welfare Foundation’s Free Lunch Fund. The program aims to make sure that children in need receive hot lunches for healthy growth.

STARFIELD Gift Program

Through our long-term partnerships with charitable organizations including the China Social Welfare Foundation, Guangdong Lingnan Educational Charity Foundation, and Shanghai Oasis Public Service Development Center, we continue to donate products and materials to communities, welfare homes, sanitation workers, and frontline disaster relief workers, providing support for those who need it most.
  • 10% Imperfect Sustainability

    10% Imperfect Sustainability: In 2023, STARFIELD launched the 10% Imperfect Sustainability column on its official WeChat account. Through a series of brand content, we encourage more people to become the smallest actionable units of sustainability. Instead of perfection, we inspire people to focus on everyday actions. The idea is to feel the infinite energy and courage brought by accomplishing that 10%, which helps you find a reliable balance between living sustainably and maintaining life’s order. This allows people to easily practice sustainability in their daily lives, making it a new routine.
    To be the Imperfect
  • Kindness to the Earth

    On Earth Day, STARFIELD initiated the Kindness to the Earth campaign. Leveraging Earth Day, we called on more consumers to adopt a low-carbon lifestyle and translate everyday sustainable actions into tangible impacts, showcasing STARFIELD’s unique inspiration for carbon reduction to the market and consumers across the board.
    earth day
  • City Romantic Planting

    On Arbor Day, STARFIELD, in collaboration with FamilyMart, launched the City Romantic Planting campaign. We encouraged consumers to use plant patches to repair damaged public areas, experiencing firsthand the act of mending the city’s weathered corners. The campaign planted romance across the city and injected fresh dynamics into urban spaces.
  • STARFIELD Carbon Pioneer

    During the 2023 National Energy Conservation Week, STARFIELD, in partnership with CR Vanguard’s green store in Shenzhen—the first Wanjia Mart low carbon concept store—hosted the STARFIELD Carbon Pioneer green classroom. The event aimed to help the local community, including both children and adults, learn about low-carbon living in fun, engaging ways.
    「low-carbon」explorer in starfield
  • Cities Go Green

    Since 2021, STARFIELD has partnered with premium coffee shops and restaurants in cities including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Guangzhou to create diverse, delicious, and healthy plant-based dishes by combining various plant flavors with innovative culinary methods.
    cities go green
  • Neighborhood Initiative

    In 2021, STARFIELD launched the Neighborhood Project. We have worked with neighborhood partners like Supermonkey, Leoao, and Ququo. Through activities like plogging, frisbee, meditation, and camping, we explore sustainable living inspirations with more individuals sharing our sustainability goals. To date, we have hosted community events such as litter-picking events, camping fitness festivals, healing meditation classes, and swing dance parties, in places including Shanghai and Huzhou.
    Starfield’s Neighbourhood
  • STARFIELD Lifestyle Guru

    In 2020, STARFIELD introduced the Lifestyle Guru column on its WeChat public account. Through interviews with opinion leaders who share a passion for environmental protection and sustainable living, we are exploring different aspects of sustainable living.
  • Today is 0day

    In 2020, STARFIELD started a new column on its WeChat public account called STARFIELD Day. With music festivals and fairs, STARFIELD Day advocates a return to nature for both the palate and the mind, offering a unique experience of eating, drinking, and playing. On STARFIELD Day, people discover new lifestyles.
    today is 0day
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